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In “Painting and Weathering Detail Castings”, Award-winning modeler, Dave Revelia will show you his techniques for creating incredibly realistic looking details for your model railroad structures.

Dave’s techniques are easy to learn, and require basic materials. This 60 minutes DVD focuses on several types of details, and the methods Dave has incorporated into his own modeling.

Watch as Dave paints and weathers barrels, drums, workbenches, wood shelving and more.

As a special bonus feature, a new series entitled, “How’d They Do That?” is included with this DVD.

Dave Revelia began modeling dioramas in his twenties, but it wasn’t until about twelve years ago that he made his work available for others to see. Inspired by articles in major modeling magazines, Dave worked to improve his modeling skills and in 2002 Dave won his first Best of Show award for a major contest.

After many awards in multiple contest settings and in many scales, Dave, often with other great modelers like Brian Nolan, now travels the country teaching clinics and sharing his work with others. In recent years Dave has become better known for his work in figure painting but Dave enjoys all aspects of modeling building from kit building to kit bashing to scratch building.

Dave takes pleasure in meeting other modelers to both learn and share techniques of contest winning modeling.


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